Descripción del producto

Monorail Bridge Crane

The Monorail bridge crane is a type of crane that has different connection types, so it adapts perfectly to the characteristics of any ship shape, allowing to reach the maximum height under beam.

Its purpose is to solve the transportation of materials with a load of up to 16T. Its use also is to conduct this type of leveraging the available height loads. The reason, again, is that this type of bridge crane is perfectly adapted to the architecture of the space in which it is located, thus saving costs of restructuring the ship.

The Bridge Crane Monorail is characterized, in turn, for its simplicity of manufacture that allows you to achieve maximum height under the bridge beam, making it an ideal system for small facilities.


  • Simplicidad de fabricación.
  • Máxima altura bajo la viga del puente.
  • Ideal para pequeñas instalaciones.