PIMEG Bridge Crane is a company with a history of over 35 years in the field of industrial maintenance and bases its action in satisfying the needs of its customers, offering the best products and quality service according to current regulations. The purpose of the company is always to be able to respond to any customer problems and always in an effective way.


The company has always been characterized by a strong commitment and an extensive knowledge of the sector and a wide range of high quality products. Another feature that makes PIMEG a leading company in the field of industrial maintenance is its constant reinvention, as it is a sector in a constantly change and evolution and requires, therefore, to know all the lasst changes that are emerging to continue offering a service of the highest quality.


The procedure of this leading company is based on an exhaustive study of the conditions, needs and requests of their customers in order to develop the most adapted service to the client, as well as to achieve the efficiency that characterizes the company. PIMEG Bridge Crane also has a fabulous team of professionals to the attention of its customers in order to offer a more personalized service for each client.